Takeshi Araki

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V-1 is a 12-kDa protein consisting of three consecutive ANK repeats, which are believed to serve as the surface for protein-protein interactions. It is thought to have a role in neural development for its temporal profile of expression during murine cerebellar development, but its precise role remains unknown. Here we applied the proteomic approach to(More)
A portable ellipsometer with a compact static polarimeter using an arrayed polarizer, an arrayed wave plate, and a CCD image sensor is developed. A high level of repeatability at a measurement speed of 0.3 s is demonstrated by measurement of SiO(2) films ranging from 2 to 300 nm in thickness deposited on an Si wafer. There is the potential to realize an(More)
UNLABELLED (J Diabetes Invest, doi: 10.1111/j.2040-1124.2012.00224.x, 2012) Aims/Introduction:  The Japanese Red Cross Society introduced measurement of glycated albumin (GA) for all blood donors as a glycemic control marker. The GA levels were examined by sex and age. MATERIALS AND METHODS   GA was measured in 3.14 million blood donors who donated(More)
Onocerin is known for its unusual structure among triterpenoids, with a symmetrical structure that is formed by cyclizations at the both termini of dioxidosqualene. The nature of the enzyme catalyzing these unusual cyclizations has remained elusive for decades. Here, we report the cloning of genes responsible for these reactions; they exhibited(More)
Anomalies of discrete R-symmetries appearing in heterotic orbifold models are studied. We find that the mixed anomalies for different gauge groups satisfy the universal Green-Schwarz (GS) condition, indicating that these anomalies are canceled by the GS mechanism. An exact relation between the anomaly coefficients of the discrete Rsymmetries and one-loop(More)
In this study, we propose a method to implement PC cluster systems on a non-open source of the commodity OS. For this purpose, we also introduce an implementation of a Distributed Shared memory utilizing a Distributed file system and a Memory Mapped File without modifying OS. We have designed and implemented a single DFS, by using a high-speed network(More)
Ferns are known to produce onoceroids including onoceranes and serratanes having unusual structures among triterpenes. From the fern Lycopodium clavatum, a novel onoceroid synthase gene was cloned that showed high sequence identity with a previously identified α-onocerin synthase. Functional analysis by coexpression with pre-α-onocerin synthase in yeast led(More)
String theory is known to be one of the most promising candidates for a unified description of all elementary particles and their interactions. Starting from the ten-dimensional heterotic string, we study its compactification on six-dimensional orbifolds. We clarify some important technical aspects of their construction and introduce new parameters, called(More)