Takeshi Ando

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Essential tremor is a disorder that causes involuntary oscillations in patients while engaging in actions or while maintaining a posture. ET patients have serious difficulties in performing activities of daily living such as eating food, drinking water, and writing. We have thus been developing an EMG-controlled exoskeletal robot to suppress tremors. The(More)
Pluripotent stem cells, such as embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, are regarded as new sources for cell replacement therapy. These cells can unlimitedly expand under undifferentiated conditions and be differentiated into multiple cell types. Automated culture systems enable the large-scale production of cells. In addition to(More)
Respiratory rehabilitation reduces breathlessness from patient with respiratory dysfunction. Chest expansion score, which represents the circumference magnitude of the thoracic cage, is used for a target when treating patients with respiratory disease. However, it is often difficult for patients to understand the changes in the respiratory status and be(More)