Takeo Okazaki

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We have developed a machine discovery system BONSAI which receives positive and negative examples as inputs and produces as a hypothesis a pair of a decision tree over regular patterns and an alphabet indexing. This system has succeeded in discovering reasonable knowledge on transmembrane domain sequences and signal peptide sequences by computer(More)
Knowledge acquisition has been an important topic in Arti cial Intelligence and a variety of contributions have been made in various elds where computers can be applied. Genome Informatics is one of the most attracting elds for which knowledge acquisition techniques are strongly expected. In [3] a knowledge acquisiton system for sequence data has been(More)
This paper proposes a two-phase metaheuristic approach to planning daily farm work for agriculture production corporations. The two-phase metaheuristic contains the optimization of resources assignment and searching schedule based on Genetic Algorithm and hybrid Petri nets model. In the experiment, the effect on optimizing the resource assignment and(More)
This paper presents a new evolutionary method, namely, a Two Phase evolutionary algorithm for multiple sequence alignments. This method is composed of different types of evolutionary algorithms, that is, an evolutionary progressive multiple sequence alignment method (abbreviated to ET) and Sequence Alignment by Genetic Algorithm (abbreviated to SAGA). The(More)
Let A 11 be the moduli space of (1, 11)-polarized abelian surfaces with a canonical level structure. Let χ be a primitive character of order 5 with conductor 11. In this paper we construct five endoscopic lifts Πi, 0 6 i 6 4 from two elliptic modular forms f ⊗ χ of weight 2 and g ⊗ χ of weight 4 with complex multiplication by Q( √ −11) such that Πi∞ gives a(More)
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