Takeo Miyasaka

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This paper presents a newly developed high speed 3-D measurement system, which enable us to obtain continuously range image of 768x480 spatial resolution at video rate. It is based on a light pattern projection method and uses incoherent light source instead of laser beam. So it is not dangerous to environment. To obtain one range image, it needs to project(More)
Previously, we developed a real time 3-D measurement system based on slit-ray projection method, which enables us to obtain serial range images at 1/30 seconds per scene with an error within ±0.3%. It, however, uses laser beam as light source, so it has some disadvantages in safety and applied field of it is somewhat limited. In this regards, the aim of(More)
Most conventional approaches to integrate range images from plural view points utilize range images obtained under some artificial restrictions set on movement of the target or measurement system by predetermined scheme, so as to skip determining process of mutual position relationship between range images. This paper presents a method for integration of(More)
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