Takeo Matsuyoshi

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From February 1977 to January 1993, a total of 52 patients have undergone combined mitral and aortic valve replacement (MAVR) at the Fukuoka University Hospital. The ages at operation ranged from 35 to 72 years (mean, 55.3 years) for 16 males and 36 females. Twenty-five patients received two bioprosthetic valves (group BB); 6 received a combination of(More)
Pyrolytic carbon has been used for mechanical heart valves as a thromboresistant, wear resistant, and fatigue resistant material. Thrombosis and thromboembolism, however, remain major mechanical heart valve associated complications and may frequently occur during the early post-operative period. In depth morphologic studies on blood-pyrolytic carbon surface(More)
Heat dissipation and its effects on tissue and blood interfaces are common problems associated with the development and increased use of artificial hearts, because all of the implantable actuators for artificial hearts generate waste heat due to inefficiencies of energy conversion. To determine the mechanisms of heat dissipation from artificial hearts,(More)
Four patients with postoperative mediastinitis who were treated by omentopexy at the Fukuoka University Hospital between 1989 and 1990. Three of the 4 patients healed successfully, another one died of multiple organ failure 83 days after surgery. All patients were received coronary artery bypass surgery harvesting a left internal thoracic artery for(More)
Coronary artery bypass surgery was performed on a 58-year-old female under cold cardioplegia with topical ice slush cooling. Bilateral phrenic paralysis was observed postoperatively, in spite of prevention with a mat during aortic cross clamp, cold injury owing to ice slush was thought to be causative. Mechanical ventilatory support continued for more than(More)