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We present the results of searches for nucleon decay via n → ¯ νπ 0 and p → ¯ νπ þ using data from a combined 172.8 kt · yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande-I,-II, and-III. We set lower limits on the partial lifetime for each of these modes: τ n→¯ νπ 0 > 1.1 × 10 33 years and τ p→¯ νπ þ > 3.9 × 10 32 years at a 90% confidence level.
[1] The Chemical Weather Forecast System (CFORS) is designed to aid in the design of field experiments and in the interpretation/postanalysis of observed data. The system integrates a regional chemical transport model with a multitracer, online system built within the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) mesoscale model. CFORS was deployed in(More)
The results of the second phase of the Super-Kamiokande solar neutrino measurement are presented and compared to the first phase. The solar neutrino flux spectrum and time-variation as 2 well as oscillation results are statistically consistent with the first phase and do not show spectral distortion. The time-dependent flux measurement of the combined first(More)
We present a search for nonzero 13 and deviations of sin 2 23 from 0.5 in the oscillations of atmospheric neutrino data from Super-Kamiokande I, II, and III. No distortions of the neutrino flux consistent with nonzero 13 are found and both neutrino mass hierarchy hypotheses are in agreement with the data. The data are best fit at Ám 2 ¼ 2:1 Â 10 À3 eV 2 ,(More)
The caudal neurosecretory system of Cyprinus carpio and Channa argus Cantor was studied electron microscopically. In the secretory nerve cells of both species the elementary granules are formed in the Golgi complex. In the neurosecretory system of Cyprinus carpio two kinds of neurosecretory cells can be differentiated according to the size and the electron(More)
Hemophilia A is a bleeding disorder resulting from coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) deficiency. Exogenously provided FVIII effectively reduces bleeding complications in patients with severe hemophilia A. In approximately 30% of such patients, however, the 'foreignness' of the FVIII molecule causes them to develop inhibitory antibodies against FVIII(More)
At MEDINFO 2001 we reported about an ambulatory biosignal memory device. As an application of this system, we have developed a portable jogging monitoring device and studied its application for health management here. This device is a micro processor based system with some sensors necessary to monitor condition of the user during jogging, that is, a heart(More)
Current status and future prospects of the SNO+ experiment. This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies and may differ from the published version or from the version of record. If you wish to cite this item you are advised to consult the publisher's version. Please see the URL above for details on accessing the published version.(More)
Acidic glycosaminoglycans in the ground substance of the membranous cochlear lateral wall, kidney, brain and liver of the guinea pigs were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed, using electrophoretic microanalysis. The lateral wall of the cochlea showed highest content (0.46±0.08%/D.W.) of acidic glycosmainoglycans, which were chondroitin sulfate-B(More)