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A 5th generation SPARC64 processor is fabricated in 130nm SOI CMOS process with 8 layers of Cu metallization. It runs at 1.3GHz with 34.7W power dissipation in the laboratory. The chip contains over 190M transistors with 19M in logic circuits. The chip size is 18.14mm x 15.99mm. The error detection and recovery mechanism is implemented for execution units(More)
We developed a 1.3-GHz SPARC-V9 processor: the SPARC64 V. This processor is designed to address requirements for enterprise servers and high-performance computing. Processing speed under multiuser interactive workloads is very sensitive to system balance because of the large number of memory requests included. From many years of experience with such(More)
A GTP-dependent regulatory component of adenylate cyclase was found in myelin from rat brain. The fraction solubilized from myelin contained a component that reconstituted guanine nucleotide-responsive adenylate cyclase activity when combined with the catalytic unit of adenylate cyclase prepared from rat brain. Purified myelin demonstrated little adenylate(More)
Correlation between hemodynamic changes and plasma catecholamines or renin activity were studied in dogs anesthetized with pentobarbital, 30 mg/kg, i.v. Pentobarbital increased heart rate in all cases regardless of changes in plasma catecholamines, and the increase was not depressed fully by propranolol. Blood pressure (BP) showed a transient decline just(More)
Adenylate cyclase purified by affinity chromatography was activated about 2.5-fold in a Ca(2+)- and calmodulin-dependent fashion. G protein beta gamma-subunits, an inhibitor in the receptor-mediated inhibition of adenylate cyclase, inhibited the purified cyclase by more than 80%. The extent of beta gamma-induced inhibition was not affected by the activation(More)
The activation of adenylate cyclase by NaF was dependent on the previous incubation time and the concentration of F-. The activation by F- was irreversible and Mg2+ was required for the maximum effect. Turbidity of microsome suspension was also greatly increased by F- plus Mg2+. These effects on adenylate cyclase and membrane turbidity were specific for F-(More)