Takenori Wama

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Even though in recent years research and development of humanoid robots has increased, the major topics of research generally focus on how to make a robot perform specific motions such as walking. However, walking is only one of the complicated motions humans can perform. For robots to play an active role in society as our partner, they must be able to(More)
We aim to develop an automatic generation of interactive stories. For this aim, we have analyzed Japanese folktales. In this area, there exists famous research conducted by Vladimir Propp. He analyzed more than 100 Russian magic-inspired folktales by segmenting each of them into a series of short segments and classified each segment into one of 31(More)
Edutainment and serious games-games move into professional applications p. 2 An efficient method for real-time ocean simulation p. 3 The dynamic textures for water synthesis based on statistical modeling p. 12 Constructing a convenient and efficient system for making virtual human accentuated by customized 3D face and body p. 22 The design and(More)
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