Takenobu Tokunaga

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Automatic query expansion has been known to be the most important method in overcoming the word mismatch problem in information retrieval. Thesauri have long been used by many researchers as a tool for query expansion. However only one type of thesaurus has generally been used. In this paper we analyze the characteristics of di erent thesaurus types and(More)
This paper proposes an efficient example sampling method for example-based word sense disambiguation systems. To construct a database of practical size, a considerable overhead for manual sense disambiguation (overhead for supervision) is required. In addition, the time complexity of searching a large-sized database poses a considerable problem (overhead(More)
Text classification, the grouping of texts into several clusters, has been used as a means of improving both the efficiency and the effectiveDess of text retrieval/categorization In this paper we propose a hierarchical clustering algor i thm that constructs a Bet of clusters having the maximum Bayesian posterior probability, the probability that the given(More)
This paper presents a new formalization of probabilistic GLR language modeling for statistical parsing. Our model inherits its essential features from Briscoe and Carroll's generalized probabilistic LR model [3], which obtains context-sensitivity by assigning a probability to each LR parsing action according to its left and right context. Briscoe and(More)
Text categorization is the classification of documents with respect to a set of predefined categories. In this paper, we propose a new probabilistic model for text categorization, that is based on a Single random Variable with Multiple Values (SVMV). Compared to previous probabilistic models, our model has the following advantages; 1) it considers(More)
Text categorization can be viewed as a process of category search, in which one or more categories for a test document are searched for by using given training documents with known categories. In this paper a cluster-based search with a probabilistic clustering algorithm is proposed and evaluated on two data sets. The e ciency, e ectiveness, and noise(More)
Parsing is one of the important processes for natural language processing and, in general, a large-scale CFG is used to parse a wide variety of sentences. For many languages, a CFG is derived from a large-scale syntactically annotated corpus, and many parsing algorithms using CFGs have been proposed. However, we could not apply them to Japanese since a(More)
This paper proposes an approach to reference resolution in situated dialogues by exploiting extra-linguistic information. Recently, investigations of referential behaviours involved in situations in the real world have received increasing attention by researchers (Di Eugenio et al., 2000; Byron, 2005; van Deemter, 2007; Spanger et al., 2009). In order to(More)