Takenobu Aoshima

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This study was designed to assess self-efficacy and the factors leading to higher self-efficacy in Parkinson's disease patients, as measured by General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES). Questionnaires were mailed to patients with Parkinson's disease in Tokyo. This study surveyed 73 male and 70 female patients. Approximately 66.5% of the patients fell into the low(More)
A previous report was concerned with the evaluation of quality of life using a Health Promotion System for the Elderly. In the present report, we describe one part of that system: a subjective symptoms acquisition and reporting system. The main purpose of this system is to permit any physician or nurse to uniformly employ questionnaires to acquire accurate(More)
To evolve reactive system specifications, it is necessary to check properties of the specifications, such as satisfiability, stepwise satisfiability and strong satisfiability. We developed a verification method for checking these properties of specifications described in Linear Temporal Logic. The most significant problem of the verification is that it(More)
In this paper, we introduce Path Integral Networks (PI-Net), a recurrent network representation of the Path Integral optimal control algorithm. The network includes both system dynamics and cost models, used for optimal control based planning. PI-Net is fully differentiable, learning both dynamics and cost models end-to-end by back-propagation and(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide automated advice for lifestyle adjustment based on an assessment of the results of a questionnaire and medical examination or health checkup data. METHODS A system was developed that gathers data based on questions regarding weight gain, exercise, smoking, sleep, eating habits, salt intake, animal fat intake, snacks, alcohol, and oral(More)
Porting an application written for personal computer to embedded devices requires conversion of floating-point numbers and operations into fixed-point ones. Testing the conversion hence requires the latter be as close as possible to the former. The closeness is orthogonal to code coverage and requires different strategies to generate a test suite that(More)
More than 20 years have passed since policies for dealing with intractable diseases have been instituted in Japan. This study was carried out to clarify which factors tend to promote a patient's subjective satisfaction with his or her quality of life. The subjects were 62 male and 51 female patients with Parkinson's disease. Their average age was 68.8(More)
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