Takemi Yanagimoto

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The hockey stick regression method is a convenient method to estimate safe doses, which is a kind of regression method using segmented lines. The method seems intuitively to be useful, but needs the assumption of the existence of the positive threshold value. The validity of the assumption is considered to be difficult to be shown. The alternative methods(More)
The beta-binomial model is widely used for analyzing teratological data involving littermates. Recent developments in statistical analyses of teratological data are briefly reviewed with emphasis on the model. For statistical inference of the parameters in the beta-binomial distribution, separation of the likelihood introduces an likelihood inference. This(More)
Point process models are reviewed and discussed for assessing the effects of environmental risk factors on asthma attacks. It is pointed out that the logit model and proportional intensity model are useful for analyzing the data based on the diaries recorded consecutively during several months or during a few years. Some covariates that seems to influence(More)
A recent successful development is found in a series of innovative, new statistical methods for smoothing data that are based on the empirical Bayes method. This paper emphasizes their practical usefulness in medical sciences and their theoretically close relationship with the problem of simultaneous estimation of parameters, depending on strata. The paper(More)
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