Takemi Hayashi

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A unified canonical operator formalism for quantum stochastic differential equations , including the quantum stochastic Liouville equation and the quantum Langevin equation both of the Itô and the Stratonovich types, is presented within the framework of Non-Equilibrium Thermo Field Dynamics (NETFD). It is performed by introducing an appropriate martingale(More)
The stable marriage problem (SMP) is a combinatorial problem to find stable matching between n women and n men given a complete preference list of men over women and vice versa. An instance of the SMP can be expressed by a bipartite graph with multiple (weighted) edges. By rearranging the graph, we use a diagram that involves several constraints to(More)
(b) 1 and Masahisa MATSUDA ABSTRACT We study the effect of the " chromo-electric " dipole moment on the electric dipole moment(EDM) of the neutron in the two Higgs doublet model. We systematically investigate the Weinberg's operator O 3g = GG˜G and the operator O qg = qσ˜Gq, in the cases of tan β ≫ 1, tan β ≪ 1 and tan β ≃ 1. It is shown that O sg gives the(More)
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