Takemasa Suzuki

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This paper reports human body localization while walking in an indoor environment by multiple-input multiple-output ultra-wideband (MIMO-UWB) radar systems. Reflections from a human body are detected from the UWB pulse response. In indoor environments, reflected waves from the human body must be separated and extracted from the other reflected waves. In(More)
Impurity segregation at grain boundaries in polycrystalline solid is expressed with a diffusion equation combined with the boundary condition which describes impurity flux into the grain boundaries. At present, for the model of boundary condition for grain boundary segregation, the two following models have been proposed; one is that the interface of a(More)
The dielectric properties of water-treed crosslinked polyethyl-ene (XLPE) were studied by using a hollow microwave wave-guide system between 135 MHz and 13.6 GH5. The dielec-tric loss of water-treed XLPE is proportional to water content. Water-treed XLPE has a low relaxation frequency which is probably due to bound water. The binding of water in trees was(More)
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