Takeki Tsutsui

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Frozen feline semen was prepared using two types of extenders, egg yolk Tris-fructose citric acid (EYT-FC) and egg yolk sodium citrate solution (EYC), and the semen qualities after thawing and the conception rates obtained by unilateral intrauterine horn insemination (UIUI) were investigated. Cats used in the experiment were six males and 11 females aged(More)
Benzene is a human carcinogen present naturally in petroleum and gasoline. For the simultaneous assessment of benzene-induced carcinogenicity and mutagenicity, benzene and its principal metabolites, phenol, catechol and hydroquinone were examined for their ability to induce cell transformation and genotoxic effects using the same mammalian cells in culture.(More)
The events of canine gestation appear to occur consistently among bitches relative to the time of the preovulatory LH surge. The interval from fertilization to the eight-cell stage was 5 days after insemination before oocyte maturation and only 3 days following insemination after oocyte maturation. Sixteen-cell embryos were observed at day 11 (day 0 = day(More)
The purpose of the present study was to confirm the presence of beta3-adrenoceptor subtype in the relaxation of human urinary bladder detrusor tissue by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (PCR); direct sequencing of the PCR product, in situ hybridization; and isometric contraction. Using reverse transcription-PCR, the mRNAs of three receptor(More)
Ovulation in most bitches occurs between 48-60 and 72 h from the onset of oestrus. The eggs are ovulated as primary oocytes and are not capable of being fertilized until about 60 h after ovulation when they undergo the first meiotic division to become secondary oocytes. By this time the ova have descended through two-thirds of the oviduct. Ova are(More)
To examine the association of cell cycle regulatory gene inactivation with human cell immortalization, we determined the expression status of INK4a, Rb, and WAF1/ CIP1, in eleven in vitro immortalized human cell lines, including fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Two human papillomavirus type 16 E6 expressing cell lines with telomerase activity, including a(More)
The present study investigates the molecular mechanisms by which IFN-gamma produced as a result of in vivo IL-12 administration exerts its anti-tumor effects. rIL-12 was administered three or five times into mice bearing CSA1M fibrosarcoma, OV-HM ovarian carcinoma or MCH-1-A1 fibrosarcoma. This regimen induced complete regression of CSA1M and OV-HM tumors(More)
Recently, canine frozen semen has been attracting attention for breeding purposes, and methods of judging ovulation and optimum timing for insemination have become important. As methods of predicting the canine ovulation, vaginal smear, plasma sex hormone levels and ultrasonographic diagnosis system (US) have been investigated in combination, but a standard(More)
Avian influenza outbreaks caused by a low-pathogenic H5N2 virus occurred in Japan from June to December 2005. All 41 affected farms housed layer chickens. Therefore, we conducted a case-control study targeting all commercial layer chicken farms within the movement restriction areas in Ibaraki prefecture, where most outbreaks were detected, to investigate(More)