Takehisa Kohda

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— In this paper, we investigate the locomotor behaviors of a biped robot on a splitbelt treadmill using a locomotion-control system composed of nonlinear oscillators with phase resetting. Our results show that the robot establishes stable walking on the treadmill at various speeds of the belts due to modulation of the rhythm and phase by phase resetting. In(More)
— In this paper, we investigated the locomotion of a quadruped robot, whose legs are controlled by an oscillator network system. In our previous work, simulation studies revealed that a quadruped robot produces walk and trot patterns through dynamic interactions among the robot's mechanical system, the oscillator network system, and the environment. These(More)
Typical methods for solving reinforcement learning problems iterate two steps, policy evaluation and policy improvement. This paper proposes algorithms for the policy evaluation to improve learning efficiency. The proposed algorithms are based on the Krylov Subspace Method (KSM), which is a nonstationary iterative method. The algorithms based on KSM are(More)
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