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Various analogs of flavins, 5-deazaflavins, and flavin-5-oxides were docked into the binding site of protein tyrosine kinase pp60(c-src), and some of them were assayed for their potential antitumor(More)
A novel antitumor compound, N-β-dimethylaminoethyl 9-carboxy-5-hydroxy-10-methoxybenzo[a]-phenazine-6-carboxamide sodium salt (NC-190) was evaluated for its antitumor activity in experimental murine(More)
Novel 2-deoxo-2-phenyl-5-deazaflavins and 2-deoxo-2-phenylflavin-5-oxides were prepared as a new class of antitumor agents and showed significant antitumor activities against NCI-H 460, HCT 116, A(More)