Takehiro Okumura

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The idea of quality by design (QbD) has been proposed in pharmaceutical field. QbD is a systematic approach to control the product performance based on the scientific understanding of the product quality and its manufacturing process. In the present study, near-infrared (NIR) imaging is utilized as a tool to achieve this concept. A practical use of a(More)
We present a case of pulmonary lobar torsion secondary to pseudo-Meigs syndrome. A 45-year-old woman with colonic cancer and metastatic ovarian cancer was suffering from dyspnea. CT scan showed massive pleural effusion, air trapping and twisted bronchus of the middle lobe. At thoracotomy, the middle lobe was torqued at 180 degrees around its bronchovascular(More)
MUC1 expression has been described as a predictor for tumor progression and worsening of prognosis in various human neoplasms. However, little is known about the role of MUC1 expression in pulmonary metastatic tumors. The aim of this study is to examine the clinicopathological significance of MUC1 expression in pulmonary metastatic tumors (PMT). One hundred(More)
Biologics manufacturing technology has made great progress in the last decade. One of the most promising new technologies is the single-use system, which has improved the efficiency of biologics manufacturing processes. To ensure safety of biologics when employing such single-use systems in the manufacturing process, various issues need to be considered(More)
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