Takehiro Miyamae

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Emergent Approach to Circle Formation by Multiple Autonomous Modular Robots Takehiro Miyamae∗, Sumiaki Ichikawa∗, and Fumio Hara∗∗ ∗Department of Mechanics and Systems Design, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Suwa 5000-1 Toyohira, Chino, Nagano 391-0292, Japan E-mail: miyamae@rs.suwa.tus.ac.jp ∗∗Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo(More)
This paper &uls with the @em of robot popularion 02rn.y on the emergence of circle formarion in multiple robots system. Individual robot hus a specific mnge of signal commmicarion to &tea other mbots. According fo the infonnution abour the location of one or hvo mbots detected by the signal c o m i c a r i o n within the lunge, the robot takes M action such(More)
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