Takehiro Matsumoto

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BACKGROUND Angiotensin (Ang) II, which plays a crucial role in the cardiac remodeling process, is generated via angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE); however, an alternative generation pathway, chymase, which is stored in the mast cells, also exists in the heart. Cardiac chymase is insensitive to ACE inhibitors (ACEIs), and heart chymase promotes(More)
Theoretical approach to investigate human-human interaction in society performed using a many-body theory including human-human interaction. The advertisement is treated as an external force. The word of mouth (WOM) effect is included as a two-body interaction between humans. The rumor effect is included as a three-body interaction between humans. The(More)
Baseball batters must react to pitches delivered to different locations within the strike zone by modulating their movements. In tee-batting practice, such batters place a ball on a tee stand at a location, where they intend to hit the ball, assuming a particular pitch's trajectory. In the present study, we analysed three-dimensional movements in(More)
The Community Medical ICT Network service at the Nagasaki, Japan was established in 2009. Medical information network for sharing patients data was investigated focused on the access log data from April of 2009 and October of 2010. The total number of the access to the medical information was 30,914 of 2,213 patients. And the total number of access of the(More)
We have developed a system for health promotion of regional inhabitants, using CATV network at Tsushima Island in Nagasaki, Japan from 2010 to 2012. This system was provided by five kinds of services such as safety confirmation system, monitoring system of vital signs, sharing system for healthcare information, supervised administration system (compliance(More)
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