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—Recently, incidents in which data such as private information has leaked have occurred frequently. In many cases, the main causes of data leakage are as follows: taking data out illegally or unfairly, erroneous operation by a user with authority to access the data. We developed the operating system Salvia for the purpose of preventing data leakage(More)
Recently, an understanding of mass movement in urban areas immediately after large disasters, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake (GEJE), has been needed. In particular, mobile phone data is available as time-varying data. However, much more detailed movement that is based on network flow instead of aggregated data is needed for appropriate rescue on a(More)
Real-time estimation of human mobility following a massive disaster will play a crucial role in disaster relief. Because human mobility in massive disasters is quite different from their usual mobility, real-time human location data is necessary for precise estimation. Due to privacy concerns, real-time data is anonymized and a popular form of anonymization(More)
The speed and direction of coastal ocean surface currents are very important elements in examining land reclamation or establishment of coastal levees. Measuring the speed of sea surface currents generally employs a radar system using Doppler effect. However, there is a problem that it is unable to measure the current in a wide area because the system is(More)
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