Takehiko Takata

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The Hairy-related bHLH proteins function as transcriptional repressors in most cases and play important roles in diverse aspects of metazoan development. Recently, it was shown that the Drosophila bHLH repressor proteins, Hairy and Deadpan, bind to and function with the NAD(+)-dependent histone deacetylase, Sir2. Here we demonstrate that the human Sir2(More)
Lembehyne A (LB-A), a spongean polyacetylene, induced neuronal cell differentiation in a neuroblastoma cell line, Neuro 2A. The LB-A treatment of Neuro 2A cells predominantly resulted in a morphological change with bipolar neurites. The acetylcholinesterase activity of Neuro 2A was also increased by the treatment of LB-A. Furthermore, the cell cycle of(More)
The GGNG peptides are excitatory neuropeptides identified from earthworms, leeches and polychaeta. Two structurally related peptides were purified and characterized from a mollusk, Thais clavigera (prosobranch gastropod). The peptides designated as Thais excitatory peptide-1 (TEP-1) (KCSGKWAIHACWGGN-NH2) and TEP-2 (KCYGKWAMHACWGGN-NH2) are pentadecapeptides(More)
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