Takehiko Takata

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B7-H3 is highly overexpressed in a variety of human clinical tumors, and its expression is significantly associated with poor outcomes. In our study, we aimed to develop new antitumor mAbs by employing cancer cell immunization, and succeeded in generating a mouse anti-human B7-H3 antibody (M30) that shows antitumor activity. M30 was humanized (Hu-M30), and(More)
The GGNG peptides are excitatory neuropeptides identified from earthworms, leeches and polychaeta. Two structurally related peptides were purified and characterized from a mollusk, Thais clavigera (prosobranch gastropod). The peptides designated as Thais excitatory peptide-1 (TEP-1) (KCSGKWAIHACWGGN-NH2) and TEP-2 (KCYGKWAMHACWGGN-NH2) are pentadecapeptides(More)
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