Takehiko Sakimoto

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This retrospective study was performed to evaluate the outcomes of 12 patients with brain metastasis from colorectal cancer treated between 1999 and 2008. The range of patients was 33-72 years old (median: 64 years old). The male to female ratio was 2:1. The primary site was the colon in 4 patients and rectum in 8 patients. The site of brain metastasis was(More)
The vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a genetic disorder of connective tissue and is frequently associated with catastrophic arterial complications. Its surgical treatment is extremely difficult because of the fragility of vessels. This article describes three patients with vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome who developed mesenteric hemorrhage(More)
In Japan, there have been few recent reports of large-scale studies on the characteristics and optimal treatment of esophageal foreign bodies. We analyzed data on 90 patients diagnosed as having esophageal foreign bodies treated between April 2002 and August 2007. In children younger than 15 years (n = 13), the types of foreign bodies included coins (n =(More)
BRAF V600E mutation plays an important role in the serrated neoplasia pathway of colorectal tumorigenesis and is a negative predictive factor for chemotherapy response as well as a prognostic factor in patients with colorectal cancer. To evaluate BRAF V600E mutations, a conventional polymerase chain reaction(PCR)is performed but recently(More)
We evaluated the adverse effects, response rates, and changes in CEA-doubling time before and during DSM.ADM.MMC therapy (DSM therapy) in 8 patients with liver metastases of colorectal cancer. In principle, 600 mg/body DSM, 30 mg/body ADM, and 10 mg/body MMC were injected into the hepatic artery, and this treatment was repeated as often as possible. A total(More)
PURPOSE To assess current trends and problems in chemotherapy for elderly patients with unresectable gastric cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with unresectable gastric cancer were divided into two groups: an elderly group aged 70 years or older (n=28), and a control group aged younger than 70 years (n=46). The feasibility, safety, and efficacy of(More)
Chemotherapy is potentially hazardous for patients with liver dysfunction. Although FOLFOX regimen is one of the standard chemotherapies for nonresectable liver metastases of colorectal cancer, the safety of this regimen has not been established yet in patients with obstructive jaundice associated with multiple liver metastases. We report a case of(More)