Takehiko Konishi

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Natural populations of wild common buckwheat have been found growing adjacent to cultivated populations of common buckwheat. Gene flow between the cultivated and natural populations would be expected in such cases. To evaluate the amount of gene flow, two sets composed of a cultivated buckwheat population and an adjacent natural population of wild common(More)
The genetic relationships among seven cultivated populations and eight natural populations of wild common buckwheat were analyzed using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP). The genetic distance was estimated for each pair of the 15 populations based on the AFLP data, and a phylogenetic tree was constructed using the neighbor-joining (NJ) method(More)
The Ak and Tj alleles at the Pgd1 locus and the Ps and Tn alleles at the Pgd2 locus were detected for phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in barley. The Ak allele at the Pgd1 locus was widely distributed around the world, while the Tj allele was found only in two accessions from Nepal and one from India. At the Pgd2 locus, the Ps allele was abundant everywhere,(More)
3)4))..) Laborator.v ofCrop Ei,olution, Grachtate School f?f'Agricultus'e, K.voto University, Nakajo 1, Mozume, Muko, Kyeto 617-OOO1, Japan De7)ai'tment ofbVbrmation Scienee and Tlechnology, A・'ationalAgricuttui'al Research Center. 3-1 -1 Kannendai. Tsukaba, lbaraki 30S8666, Japan Plant BiotechnotbgeJ l}istitute, Ibaraki rigriculture Clenter, 3 1651 Ago,(More)
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