Takeharu Suzuki

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Coarticulation is an important phenomenon of speech production, which involves in both the physical level concerned with articulators’ properties, and the planning stage for generating motor commands. The authors have proposed a model for coarticulation, named “carrier model”, to imitate the coarticulation mechanism. The carrier model is built on an(More)
The effect of non-plasma and plasma treated polyimide-based humidity sensors is presented. Pure oxygen was used to etch polyimide in a plasma etcher. The sensor treated in a plasma exhibited higher sensitivity and faster response speed against moisture. The plasma treated sensor had 3.4 times the sensitivity and responded almost twice as fast as the(More)
Coarticulation during speech production takes place at both the physiological level concerned with articulators' properties and the planning stage for elaborating motor commands. This study focuses on the investigation and modeling of planning aspects of coarticulation with the ultimate objective to implement human mechanism in controlling a physiological(More)
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