Takeharu Kageyama

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Utilization of palladium catalysts bearing a P-chiral phosphine-sulfonate ligand enabled asymmetric copolymerization of vinyl acetate with carbon monoxide. The obtained γ-polyketones have head-to-tail and isotactic polymer structures. The origin of the regio- and stereoregularities was elucidated by stoichiometric reactions of acylpalladium complexes with(More)
A set of heterogenized olefin-metathesis catalysts, which consisted of Ru complexes with the H(2)ITap ligand (1,3-bis(2',6'-dimethyl-4'dimethyl aminophenyl)-4,5-dihydroimidazol-2-ylidene) that had been adsorbed onto a silica support, has been prepared. These complexes showed strong binding to the solid support without the need for tethering groups on the(More)
For more than three decades the catalytic synthesis of acrylates from the cheap and abundantly available C(1) building block carbon dioxide and alkenes has been an unsolved problem in catalysis research, both in academia and industry. Herein, we describe a homogeneous catalyst based on nickel that permits the catalytic synthesis of the industrially highly(More)
We report the first catalyst based on palladium for the reaction of CO2, alkene and a base to form sodium acrylate and derivatives. A mechanism similar to a previously reported Ni(0)-catalyst is proposed based on stoichiometric in situ NMR experiments, isolated intermediates and a parent palladalactone. Our palladium catalyst was applied to the coupling of(More)
rac-Bis{μ-trans-2,2'-[pentane-1,5-diylbis(azanediyl)]ditroponato}dipalladium(II), [Pd2(C19H20N2O2)2], has been synthesized and fully characterized using single-crystal X-ray diffraction, (1)H NMR, FT-IR and mass spectroscopy. The trans coordination, vaulted structure and anti conformation have been unequivocally established from the X-ray diffraction(More)
Palladium/phosphine-sulfonate complexes were effective for the alternating copolymerization of vinylarenes with carbon monoxide (CO). The obtained copolymers had iso-enriched microstructures with ll selectivity of up to circa 60%. The catalytic system was successfully applied to the terpolymerization of vinylarene and polar vinyl monomers with CO to produce(More)
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