Takeharu Itou

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We investigated mean leaf retention time in order to elucidate the factors affecting regional and local variations in stand-level leaf longevity in hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) plantations. Our study sites consisted of six stands at a low elevation (320–370 m a.s.l.) and 12 stands at a high elevation (850–970 m a.s.l.) in southwestern Japan. We(More)
Bischofia javanica is a non-native tree species in Japan’s Ogasawara Islands, where it threatens native tree species due to its rapid propagation and growth. An effective method is needed to limit the expansion of B. javanica populations and to conserve the natural forest ecosystem of the islands. For this purpose, we examined the effectiveness of a new(More)
Heavy thinning may provide a feasible means to convert single-species coniferous plantations to broadleaved or mixed forests. To assess this possibility, we monitored tree seedling dynamics of other tree species, the understory microenvironment, and seed availability following heavy thinning (50 % by volume) in two hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) plantations(More)
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