Takefumi Shimada

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The effects of arachidonic acid (AA) and other long-chain fatty acids on voltage-dependent Ca channel current (ICa) were investigated, with the whole cell patch clamp method, in longitudinal smooth muscle cells of rabbit ileum. 10-30 microM AA caused a gradual depression of ICa. The inhibitory effect of AA was not prevented by indomethacin (10 microM) (an(More)
Olfactory evoked potential is considered a useful method of electrophysiological olfactometry for the diagnosis of olfactory disturbance. However, electrophysiological olfactometry is not as widely used as electrophysiological audiometry, such as the auditory brain stem response, because odor stimulation is difficult to perform. In contrast, electrical(More)
The voltage-dependent Ca2+ current was studied in enzymatically dispersed guinea pig gallbladder smooth muscle cells using the whole cell patch-clamp technique. Depolarizing voltage (V) steps induced an inward current (I) that was carried by Ca2+. The threshold potential was -40 to -30 mV, the maximal current was observed at +10 to +20 mV, and the reversal(More)
This paper proposes some basic structures of mobile robots which can run on cylindrical surfaces. This type of robot is utilized to inspect such cylindrical components as oil pipe lines, electricl power lines and so on. The key functions, which such robots should have, are to run on cylindrical surfaces smoothly and to avoid many obstacles autonomously.(More)
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