Takefumi Kanda

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This paper shows a new design and prototyping method for a bending pneumatic rubber actuator and its application to a soft-bodied manta swimming robot. The design is based on optimal design using non-linear finite element method, in which geometrical and material non-linearity are considered and fabrication process is based on a rapid and efficient(More)
Inserting an endoscope into colon requires very technical procedure and it is difficult in some cases even for experienced doctors. Although active colonoscopes have been researched, these instruments are still in the development stage. Mechanisms for this application are required to be soft enough not to injure the colon wall and being deformable enough to(More)
A new pneumatic linear actuator made of a thin flexible rubber is developed for locomotion in narrow paces. The actuator is named "tetra chamber actuator". This new actuator has an ability of object transportation and locomotion. The actuator was designed based on non-linear FEM analysis considering geometrical and material nonlinearity, fabricated and(More)
The aim of this study is to develop an intelligent McKibben actuator with an integrated soft displacement sensor inside, so that displacement of this actuator can be controlled without having any extra devices attached. In addition, the high compliance which is a positive feature of the McKibben actuator is still conserved. This paper consists of four main(More)
Recently, a variety of soft actuators have been developed. However, applicable sensors such as potentiometers and optical encoders generally have high stiffness and when they are used in a soft actuator, the actuator loses its compliance. To solve this problem, a flexible displacement sensor has been developed. This sensor was fabricated by depositing a(More)
We developed rescue robots and tools that are driven by hydraulic actuators. They are small-sized, have simple mechanisms, and are suitable for heavy-duty rescue operations. This report shows the results of field tests carried out to verify the possibility of the two rescue robots we developed; we named them the Jack Robot and the Cutter Robot. We(More)
An in-pipe robot negotiating three dimensional pipelines including branches, elbows, vertical pipes, and diameter-changing pipes was developed. The robot consists of thirteen intelligent actuators, and applying the sinusoidal wave drive makes the robot form sinusoidal waves to obtain the propelling force by gripping pipe walls. In this paper, a newly(More)