Takefumi Hiraki

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This paper proposes a new shadow interface system that provides tactile feedback from a user's shadow to physical body. When users obstruct the projected image by their bodies, wearable photoreactive tactile displays receive the light information; they decode it and transmit tactile sensation. The proposed system does not require complex sensing,(More)
Many wearable devices for monitoring and maintaining the oral environment are proposed these days. However, the conventional energy supplying method is not practical since the constraint of size and usage. The remarkable progress of the technology about energy harvesting and low power computing have made it possible to develop the small wearable devices(More)
Collaboration between computer graphics and multiple robots has attracted increasing attention in several areas. To preserve the seamless connection between them, the system needs to be able to accurately determine the position and state of the robots and be able to control them easily and instantly. However, realizing a responsive control system for a(More)
This paper introduces novel interaction and applications using smartphones with kinetic capabilities. We develop an accessory module with robot wheels for a smartphone. With this module, the smartphone can move in a linear direction or rotate with sufficient power. The module also includes rotary encoders, allowing us to use the wheels as an input modality.(More)
In addition to displaying images, graphic display devices can be configured to transmit information to nearby computing devices, to facilitate human interaction with the image. However, some existing methods require the use of visible markers, which impairs the visual experience, while others require specially modified projectors.. To solve these problems,(More)
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