Takefumi Hayashi

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The 'reverse-perspective' illusion entails the apparent motion of a stationary scene painted in relief and containing misleading depth cues. We have found that, using prism goggles to induce horizontal or vertical visual-field reversals, the illusory motion is greatly reduced or eliminated in the direction for which the goggles reverse the visual field. We(More)
"Reverse perspective" is a powerful visual illusion similar to the hollow mask illusion, but more interesting in producing the perception of an illusory motion in a stationary picture. It is caused by conflict between motion parallax and pictorial depth cues in 3D "relief" paintings built with depth inversion. Here we report the measurement of brain(More)
The city of Osaka in Japan has been developed since the Edo period (1603) -- originally featuring water transportation through rivers and canals. It used to be called the 'Oriental Venice' after its beautiful landscapes, but this feature of the city does not remain today. A project for visualization of the historical landscape using 3D-CG was begun in 2010(More)
Currently, there are many occasions to communicate with each other in the collaborative virtual environment. However, it is more difficult to keep high-motivation for participating in communication in such virtual environment than in face-to-face environment. It is considered that the reasons are 1) the difficulty of understanding how their own motivations(More)
In this paper, we propose indexing conference movies with thinking states. Currently, one of reasons why conference movies do not represent participants' thinking states is that existing ways do not place emphasis on receding participants' concentration and interest. To address this issue, we define MS-Level (Mental State Level) derived from one's beta wave(More)
The aim of our research project is to construct 'cultural capital content' that makes people rediscover valuable art works in their own localities and bring the benefits of regional promotions. We have already developed the digital content of an old picture scroll of 'Landscapes of Osaka along the Yodo River (Shunboku, 1745)' using ultra-high resolution(More)
Citrus plants have a long history in human societies, during which various cultivation techniques have been devised to increase yields and are still being developed. King Mandarin, one of the most important citrus cultivars in southern Vietnam, is not an exception. The Southern Horticultural Research Institute, formerly the Southern Fruit Research(More)
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