Takefumi Hasegawa

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This paper proposes a method for the self-localization of a mobile robot using a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) system and support vector machines (SVMs). Using the SVM, we do not need to perform any complicated tasks for measuring the geometric position of each RFID tags to produce a look-up table as used by conventional self-localization(More)
The growth of the Internet has facilitated data collection on a large scale. In Internet research using questionnaires, privacy is an important issue. To ensure privacy, we propose an answering method using probability conversion for Internet research. In this paper, we develop noval evaluated value, anonymity. And from the evaluation of two conversion(More)
This paper is concerned with an early recognition and prediction algorithm of gestures. Early recognition is the algorithm to provide recognition results before input gestures are completed. Motion prediction is the algorithm to predict the subsequent posture of the performer by using early recognition. In addition to them, this paper considers a gesture(More)
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