Takeaki Yamazaki

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The use of digital radiography (DR) systems offers a number of advantages over film-screen detectors. One potential disadvantage, however, is that some fixed DR systems do not allow the user to change the antiscatter grid to suit the imaging task. Instead, the user must choose the grid at the time of purchase. Six grids, which are offered as installation(More)
A seawater hydraulic actuator system for a subsea robot has been developed. The system consists of a high pressure axial piston pump, flow control servovalves and actuators which transform controlled flow into motion, and it is very effective in miniaturizing a subsea robot. In order to confirm overall characteristic of this power systems, a prototype(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new two-step iterative scheme with errors for finding a common fixed points of two quasi-nonexpansive multi-valued maps in Banach spaces. We prove a strong convergence theorem of the purposed algorithm under some control conditions. The results obtained in this paper improve and extend the corresponding one announced by Shahzad(More)
A > B 2 0 ensures A'-' > (A ~ B P A ~) ~ for any p > 1 and t 5 0. This inequality is well known as F'uruta inequality. In case t 2 0 and A 2 B > 0 with A > 0, four inequalities similar to this inequality have been obtained by many researchers. In this paper, we show relations among these four inequalities and also we discuss an open problem related to one(More)
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