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OBJECTIVE Health literacy (HL), the capacity of individuals to access, understand, and use health information to make informed and appropriate health-related decisions, has been recognized as an important concept in patient education and disease management. This study examined the psychometric properties of newly developed scales for measuring three(More)
According to the meta-analysis performed by de Leon and Diaz, the smoking rate was higher among schizophrenia patients than in the general population with the exception of the populations of Japan and Colombia. The purpose of this study was to reexamine the association between schizophrenia and smoking among Japanese schizophrenia patients using objective(More)
AIM It has been controversial whether metabolic syndrome (MetS) is associated with depression. We aimed to clarify the correlation between MetS and depression, considering atypical features of depression. METHODS Participants were 1011 Japanese men aged 20-59 years. MetS was diagnosed according to criteria set by the International Diabetes Federation.(More)
Chronic benzodiazepine (BDZ) users often have difficulty with BDZ withdrawal. To examine clinical effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) on tapering BDZ use in non-depressive patients, 97 outpatients with a history of BDZ use for at least 3 months were recruited at an internal medicine clinic of a university hospital. After the 4th edition(More)
OBJECTIVES The prevalence of suicidal ideation and predictors for suicidal ideation among Japanese workers is unknown, although a previous study reported a 30% prevalence rate of suicidal ideation in a psychosomatic clinical setting. Hence, we evaluated the prevalence of suicidal ideation and its relationship with depressive symptoms among Japanese workers.(More)
Authors investigated symptomatology of depressive state among workers in a 20-year study. A cohort of 167 men of a company in Japan, aged 18-40 years old at baseline in 1985 was researched as a study sample. Depressive symptoms were assessed by the Zung's self-rating depression scale (SDS) consisting of 6 somatic- and 14 psychological-symptom items. In a(More)
BACKGROUND The evidence for an association between insomnia symptoms and blood hemoglobin A(1c) (HbA(1c)) level has been limited and inconclusive. The aim of this study was to assess whether each symptom of initial, middle, and terminal insomnia influences HbA(1c) level in Japanese men. METHODS This cross-sectional study examined 1,022 male workers aged(More)
AIMS It is important to evaluate smoking status among schizophrenia patients because such patients are highly inclined to take up smoking, but only a few studies have focused on the validity of self-reported smoking in relation to schizophrenia. The aim of the present study was therefore to determine the validity of self-reported smoking and to investigate(More)
The authors attempted to classify panic disorders into four types according to a clinical course and accompanying neurotic or depressive symptoms. The characteristics of each type are as follows; type I: a single panic attack is the only symptom, type II: only panic attacks occur frequently without any accompanying neurotic or depressive symptoms, type III:(More)