Takco Kanade

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Inferring scene geometry and camera motion from a stream of images is possible in principle, but it is an ill-conditioned problem when the objects are distant with respect to their size. We have developed a factorization method that can overcome this difficulty by recovering shape and motion without computing depth as an intermediate step. An image stream(More)
The face is a rich source of information about human behavior. Available methods for coding facial displays, however, are human-observer dependent, labor intensive, and difficult to standardize. To enable rigorous and efficient quantitative measurement of facial displays, we have developed an automated method of facial display analysis. In this report, we(More)
This paper presents a stereo matching method which uses multiple stereo pairs with various baselines to obtain precise distance estimates without suffering from ambiguity. In stereo ptvcessing. a shon baseline means that the estimated distance wi l l be less precise due to n a m w triangulation. For more precise d ismce estimation. a longer baseline is(More)
0018-9251/94/$4.00 @ 1994 IEEE Considerable research efforts have been directed to some primary functions of robots in space applications such as material transport [19], simple manipulation [SI, manipulation coordination and navigation [16, 211, basic locomotion [15], and inspection and maintenance of the space station and satellites [2, 51. The adaptive(More)
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) microscopy is a powerful visualization tool used to study live biological cells. Its use, however, has been limited to qualitative observations. The inherent non-linear relation between the object properties and the image intensity makes quantitative analysis difficult. As a first step towards measuring optical(More)
Drivers of vehicles focus their gaze in the direction of movement, try to assess the contours of the road ahead, and try to avoid imminent hazards by steering or braking. However, driving at night is risky since the range illuminated by the headlights and that of visibility is poor. This paper proposes a system that assists the driver by indicating the(More)
The Cell Broadband Engine (CBE) processor provides the potential to achieve an impressive level of speed up for multimedia applications. Video Surveillance is a growing multimedia application due to its concern in various areas like commercial security, military applications. In this paper, we present CBE as a cost effective computational solution for the(More)
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