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An experimental system for dialogue structure analysis based on a new type plan recognition model for spoken dialogues has been implemented. This model is realized by using four typed plans which are categorized into three kinds of universal pragmatics and a ldnd of task-dependent knowledge related to common action hierarchies. The experimental system is(More)
In creative design processes, the designer may intentionally generate a result which is satisfactory for his/her intention. Accordingly, if a computer system reveals the designers intention, and then provides the related information, that might make the design process more efficient. We will propose a framework and an architecture to support intentional(More)
In this paper, we proposed an approach to permit the development of a testing platform in parallel with application development by accumulating knowledge of a testing platform developed in the past. First, we define a meta-model called the system testing development platform, and describe how to accumulate a testing platform. Then, we show how to find an(More)
We propose a context-sensitive method to predict noun-phrases ill the next utterance of a telephone inquiry dialogue. First, information about tile utterance type and the discourse entities of the next utterance is graspcd using a dialogue interpretation model. Second, a domain-dependent knowledge base for noun-phrase usage is developed , focusing on the(More)
Lymphocytic hypophysitis (LYH) is a chronic inflammation that primarily affects the pituitary gland. This disorder has recently been classified into lymphocytic adenohypophysitis (LAH), lymphocytic infundibulo-neurohypophysitis (LINH), and lymphocytic infundibulo-panhypophysitis (LIPH) according to the affected area. We report a case of LINH in a(More)