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A method is proposed for preventing privacy invasion through unintentional capture of facial images. Prevention methods such as covering the face and painting particular patterns on the face are effective but hinder face-to-face communication. The proposed method overcomes this problem through the use of a device worn on the face that transmits(More)
Keywords: Topology optimization Finite element method Level set method Phase field method Tikhonov regularization method a b s t r a c t This paper proposes a new topology optimization method, which can adjust the geometrical complexity of optimal configurations, using the level set method and incorporating a fictitious interface energy derived from the(More)
We propose a method for preventing illegal re-recording of images and videos with digital camcorders. Conventional digital watermarking techniques involve embedding content ID into images and videos, which helps to identify the place and time where the actual content was recorded. However, digital watermarking technology does not control the illegal(More)