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A schwannoma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor composed exclusively of Schwann cells. A major-nerve schwannoma with an intramuscular location is an extremely rare condition. We present a rare case of intramuscular schwannoma originating from the musculocutaneous nerve in a 71-year-old female. The patient presented with a 7-month history of a slowly(More)
Metachronous bilateral hemothorax due to reverse Chance type thoracic fracture is very rare. In this case, we experienced a case of metachronous bilateral hemothorax, triggered by a thoracic fracture in which the anterior component of the spine collapsed, so-called reverse Chance type thoracic fracture. An 83-year-old woman with spinal kyphosis(More)
Since circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are tumor cells which are found in the blood of cancer patients, CTCs are potential tumor markers, so a rapid isolation of CTCs is desirable for clinical applications. In this paper, a three-dimensional polystyrene (PS) microfiber fabric with vacuum aspiration system was developed for capturing CTCs within a short time.(More)
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