Takayuki Takeuchi

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The goal was to examine the differences in visual search strategies between expert and nonexpert baseball batters during the preparatory phase of a pitcher's pitching and accuracy and timing of swing judgments during the ball's trajectory. 14 members of a college team (Expert group), and graduate and college students (Nonexpert group), were asked to observe(More)
A Pd sheet cathode centered within a Pt-wired anode in D 2 O/LiOD electrolyte was used with the L-H mode pulse operation. Anomalously large excess heat (32 watts in average for 2 months, 100-130 watts at peaks and averaged output/input power ratio 1.7) was once observed, associated with very low neutron emission (~1 n/s). To investigate the reproducibility(More)
Takahashi, A., et al., Excess heat and nuclear products by D2O/Pd electrolysis and multibody fusion. Int. An excess heat of 100 W/cc level, 1.7 times the input power in average, and 160 MJ in total was observed for about two months by the L-H mode pulse electrolysis of a D 2 O/Pd cell with plane-symmetric configuration of D-loading into the Pd cathode. Very(More)
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