Takayuki Takahata

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We present a general method for the analysis of the discharge trains of periodically forced noisy leaky integrate-and-fire neuron models. This approach relies on the iterations of a stochastic phase transition operator that generalizes the phase transition function used for the study of periodically forced deterministic oscillators to noisy systems. The(More)
We studied the combined influence of noise and constant current stimulations on the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model through time and frequency analysis of the membrane-potential dynamics. We observed that, in agreement with experimental data (Guttman et al. 1974), at low noise and low constant current stimulation the behavior of the model is well approximated(More)
Eight patients had a radical resection of sacral tumours, and bilateral severance of lumbosacral nerves was required. Their neurological deficits and disturbance of activities of daily living (ADL) were studied. The neurological deficits which occurred were motor dysfunction of the lower limbs, sensory disturbances, and urinary, faecal and sexual(More)
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