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ODBMSs are used in advanced database applications to manage complex objects and objects that have associated inherent procedures. Some of the applications also require temporal and historical information management in the context of such object management. In this paper, we rst discuss a temporal persistent object model that treats past states of persistent(More)
Hippocampal pyramidal neurons express various extrasynaptic glutamate receptors. When glutamate spillover was facilitated by blocking glutamate uptake and fast synaptic transmission was blocked by antagonists of AMPA- and NMDA-type glutamate receptors and an ionotropic GABA receptor blocker, repetitive synaptic stimulation evoked a persistent membrane(More)
Localised brain tissue damage activates surrounding astrocytes, which significantly influences subsequent long-term pathological processes. Most existing focal brain injury models in rodents employ craniotomy to localise mechanical insults. However, the craniotomy procedure itself induces gliosis. To investigate perilesional astrocyte activation under(More)
A fundamental issue in cortical processing of sensory information is whether top-down control circuits from higher brain areas to primary sensory areas not only modulate but actively engage in perception. Here, we report the identification of a neural circuit for top-down control in the mouse somatosensory system. The circuit consisted of a long-range(More)
Method names are important for the software development process. It has been shown by some studies that the quality of method names affects software comprehension. In response, some approaches that evaluate comprehensibility of method names have been proposed. However, the effectiveness of existing approaches is limited because they focus on part of names.(More)
Electroporation is a powerful tool with which to study limb development. Limb development, however, remains an intricate series of events, requiring the precise dissection of developmental processes using relevant transgenes. In this review, we describe the anatomy of the limb field as the basis of targeted electroporation, and specific expression vectors(More)
When a synapse is stimulated in rapid succession, the second post-synaptic response can be larger than the first and termed paired-pulse facilitation. It has been reported that the paired-pulse ratio (PPR), which is the ratio of the amplitude of the second response to that of the first, depends on the probability of vesicular release at the synapse, and PPR(More)
Global transcriptional responses to dehydration and rehydration were determined in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120. Nearly 300 genes were up- or downregulated during both dehydration and rehydration. While as many as 133 genes showed dehydration-specific downregulation, only 29 genes showed dehydration-specific upregulation. In contrast, while only 13 genes showed(More)
BACKGROUND Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is an X-linked genetic disorder that results in the production of a dysfunctional form of the protein, dystrophin. The mdx5cv mouse is a model of DMD in which a point mutation in exon 10 of the dystrophin gene creates an artificial splice site. As a result, a 53 base pair deletion of exon 10 occurs with a(More)
To understand the morphogenetic mechanisms of organ development and regeneration, it is essential to clarify the inter-hierarchical relationship between microscopic, molecular/cellular activities and organ-level tissue deformation dynamics. While the former have been studied for several decades, the latter - macroscopic geometrical information about(More)