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To elucidate the genetic mechanism of flowering in wheat, we performed expression, mutant and transgenic studies of flowering-time genes. A diurnal expression analysis revealed that a flowering activator VRN1, an APETALA1/FRUITFULL homolog in wheat, was expressed in a rhythmic manner in leaves under both long-day (LD) and short-day (SD) conditions. Under LD(More)
Hippocampal pyramidal neurons express various extrasynaptic glutamate receptors. When glutamate spillover was facilitated by blocking glutamate uptake and fast synaptic transmission was blocked by antagonists of AMPA- and NMDA-type glutamate receptors and an ionotropic GABA receptor blocker, repetitive synaptic stimulation evoked a persistent membrane(More)
ODBMSs are used in advanced database applications to manage complex objects and objects that have associated inherent procedures. Some of the applications also require temporal and historical information management in the context of such object management. In this paper, we rst discuss a temporal persistent object model that treats past states of persistent(More)
Localised brain tissue damage activates surrounding astrocytes, which significantly influences subsequent long-term pathological processes. Most existing focal brain injury models in rodents employ craniotomy to localise mechanical insults. However, the craniotomy procedure itself induces gliosis. To investigate perilesional astrocyte activation under(More)
A fundamental issue in cortical processing of sensory information is whether top-down control circuits from higher brain areas to primary sensory areas not only modulate but actively engage in perception. Here, we report the identification of a neural circuit for top-down control in the mouse somatosensory system. The circuit consisted of a long-range(More)
To elucidate the mechanism of anticonvulsant action of peony root and to determine the relative contributions of pure component substances, the water, water/acetone and methanol extracts of peony roots, paeoniflorin, albiflorin and pentagalloylglucose were studied in rats using the EEG power spectrum changes induced by pentylenetetrazol administration and(More)
Although 6-hydroxydopamine-induced (6-OHDA-induced) rats are a well-known Parkinson's disease model, the effects of dopamine D2 agonists in mice with 6-OHDA-induced lesions are not completely understood. We produced mice with 6-OHDA-induced lesions and measured their total locomotion counts following administration of several dopamine D2 agonists(More)
In this paper, a unique 3D shape measurement method for measurement of nearly plain car body parts is proposed. The main advantage of the system is the high accuracy (about 0.1 mm), the high flexibility and the real-time processing. The primary application of the method is the 100% inspection of press formed car parts in the factory since in these cases the(More)
BACKGROUND Tubular atrophy, dilation and interstitial fibrosis are common in tubulointerstitial lesions, but the precise roles and inter-relationships of these components in the development of interstitial lesions have not been determined. This study focused on the origin and roles of atrophic tubules in the peritubular deposition of type IV collagen in a(More)