Takayuki Sugimoto

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The goal of the reconstruction for umbilical absence is to obtain a natural three-dimensional appearance of the umbilicus with minimal operative scarring. This paper presents two cases of umbilical reconstruction using a reverse fan-shaped flap. In both cases, the umbilicus was lost during surgical procedures on the abdominal wall when the patients were(More)
Human hand can not only catch and grasp the complex objects but also easily manipulate the objects by switching various types of interactions. Research on the basic mechanics and control principles of hand's dexterous manipulation abilities is one of the most important subjects in biomimetics. In this paper, by considering the multicontact manipulation(More)
Various materials are used for nasal augmentations. Silicone is the most prevalent because it is durable and facilitates sculpturing. However, the unfortunate patient who presents with complication of the nasal implants and wants to remove them is vexed with a significant resultant cosmetic defect if the implant is removed. However, the patients who have(More)
The selection of recipient vessels is crucial when reconstructing traumatized lower extremities using a free flap. When the dorsalis pedis artery and/or posterior tibial artery cannot be palpated, we utilize computed tomography angiography to verify the site of vascular injury prior to performing free flap transfer. For vascular anastomosis, we(More)
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