Takayuki Saito

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The mechanisms underlying magnesium (Mg) uptake by plant roots remain to be fully elucidated. In particular, there is little information about the effects of Mg deficiency on Mg uptake activity. A Mg uptake kinetic study is essential for better understanding the Mg uptake system. We performed a Mg uptake tracer experiment in rice plants using 28 Mg. Mg(More)
In Dynamic Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (DESPI), deformation analysis could be done for successively acquired frame data of interfering speckle patterns with no additional frames like phase shifting speckle patterns. Our final goal is to obtain a temporally varying process of two-dimensional strain field. Two normal strains and shearing strain(More)
Minerals and photosynthates are essential for many plant processes, but their imaging in live plants is difficult. We have developed a method for their live imaging in Arabidopsis using a real-time radioisotope imaging system. When each radioisotope,(22)Na,(28)Mg,(32)P-phosphate,(35)S-sulfate,(42)K,(45)Ca,(54)Mn and(137)Cs, was employed as an ion tracer,(More)
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