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We previously reported that a forest bathing trip enhanced human NK activity, number of NK cells, and intracellular anti-cancer proteins in lymphocytes. In the present study, we investigated how long the increased NK activity lasts and compared the effect of a forest bathing trip on NK activity with a trip to places in a city without forests. Twelve healthy(More)
We previously reported that forest bathing trips enhanced human NK activity, number of NK cells, and intracellular anti-cancer proteins in lymphocytes, and that the increased NK activity lasted for more than 7 days after the trip in male subjects. In the present study, we investigated the effect of forest bathing trip on human NK activity in female(More)
BACKGROUND The consistency of a meningioma is one of the important factors in determining the surgical outcome. If the surgeon is aware of the consistency of a meningioma preoperatively, the surgical plans will be influenced. A few papers have described the correlation between consistency of meningiomas and their magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings.(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of forest bathing as a natural therapy by investigating its physiological benefits using biological indicators in outdoor settings. STUDY DESIGN Within-group comparisons were used to examine psychological and physiological responses to exposure to real forest and urban environments. (More)
In human mitochondria, 10 mRNAs species are generated from a long polycistronic precursor that is transcribed from the heavy chain of mitochondrial DNA, in theory yielding equal copy numbers of mRNA molecules. However, the steady-state levels of these mRNAs differ substantially. Through absolute quantification of mRNAs in HeLa cells, we show that the copy(More)
Background. Petroclival meningiomas are vaguely defined as tumours arising from the antero-medial zone to the internal auditory meatus. This report subclassifies petroclival meningiomas based on their origin determined by using radiological and intra-operative findings. Method. Ninety-one patients with petroclival meningioma underwent surgery via the(More)
OBJECT The authors report their investigation on the current status of neuroendoscopic biopsy for ventricular and paraventricular tumors as well as treatment for associated hydrocephalus in Japan. METHODS Patients who had undergone therapeutic neuroendoscopy between 2005 and 2009 were included in this study. The main items examined were age; sex;(More)
The crustacean molt-inhibiting hormone (MIH) suppresses ecdysteroid synthesis by the Y-organ. The MIH of the kuruma prawn Penaeus japonicus has recently been isolated and its cDNA cloned. In this study, we expressed the MIH in Escherichia coli to obtain a large quantity of this hormone with biological activity. The MIH cDNA was processed and ligated into an(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous case-control studies have reported higher prevalence of non-O blood type among venous thromboembolism (VTE) patients than controls, but potential mechanisms or effect modifiers for the association are not fully established. PATIENTS/METHODS Using a nested case-control design combining the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities and the(More)
The fish otolith is a hard tissue consisting of calcium carbonate and organic matrices. The matrix proteins play important roles in otolith formation, but little is known about the nature of these proteins. In this study, matrix proteins were extracted from the otoliths of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, and chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta. EDTA-soluble(More)