Takayuki Nagae

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Displacement of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA)-binding protein (SSB) from ssDNA is necessary for filament formation of RecA on ssDNA to initiate homologous recombination. The interaction between RecO and SSB is considered to be important for SSB displacement; however, the interaction has not been characterized at the atomic level. In this study, to clarify the(More)
Organisms living in deep seas such as the Mariana Trench must be adapted to the extremely high pressure environment. For example, the 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase from the obligate piezophile Shewanella benthica DB21MT-2 (SbIPMDH) remains active in extreme conditions under which that from the land bacterium S. oneidensis MR-1 (SoIPMDH) becomes(More)
The chimeric 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase enzymes were constructed from the deep-sea piezophilic Shewanella benthica and the shallow water Shewanella oneidensis genes. The properties of the enzymatic activities under pressure conditions indicated that the central region, which contained the active center and the dimer forming domains, was shown to be the(More)
  • D. Nakajimay, B. Özelz, +27 authors S. Voltz
  • 2008
The main idea of the HypHI project is to perform precise hypernuclear spectroscopy with stable and unstable heavy ion beam at GSI and FAIR[1]. The HypHI collaboration plans the first experiment Phase 0 in 2009 to investigate the feasibility of hypernuclear spectroscopy with heavy ion beams. In the Phase 0 experiment, three sets of Scintillating Fiber(More)
Hydrostatic pressure induces structural changes in proteins, including denaturation, the mechanism of which has been attributed to water penetration into the protein interior. In this study, structures of 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (IPMDH) from Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 were determined at about 2 Å resolution under pressures ranging from 0.1 to 650(More)
Three-dimensional hydrodynamic calculations are performed in order to investigate mass transfer in a close binary system, in which one component undergoes mass loss through a wind. The mass ratio is assumed to be unity. The radius of the mass-losing star is taken to be about a quarter of the separation between the two stars. Calculations are performed for(More)
Crystal structures of hen egg-white lysozyme (HEWL) determined under pressures ranging from ambient pressure to 950 MPa are presented. From 0.1 to 710 MPa, the molecular and internal cavity volumes are monotonically compressed. However, from 710 to 890 MPa the internal cavity volume remains almost constant. Moreover, as the pressure increases to 950 MPa,(More)
The HypHI collaboration prepares currently for the precise hypernuclear spectroscopy with stable heavy ion beams and rare isotope beams at GSI and FAIR in order to enable studies of structures of hypernuclei at extreme isospin and direct measurements of hypernuclear magnetic moments for the first time [1]. The first step of the HypHI project is so called(More)
3-Isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (IPMDH) from the extreme piezophile Shewanella benthica (SbIPMDH) is more pressure-tolerant than that from the atmospheric pressure-adapted Shewanella oneidensis (SoIPMDH). To understand the molecular mechanisms of this pressure tolerance, we analyzed mutated enzymes. The results indicate that only a single mutation at(More)