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The Landau-Pollak uncertainty relation treats a pair of rank one projection valued measures and imposes a restriction on their probability distributions. It gives a nontrivial bound for summation of their maximum values. We give a generalization of this bound (weak version of the Landau-Pollak uncertainty relation). Our generalization covers a pair of(More)
The synthesis and in vitro antimicrobial activity of a new synthetic carbapenem, (5R,6S)-6-[(R)-1-hydroxyethyl]-2-[(S)-1-acetimidoylpyrrolidin -3-ylthio]-1-carbapen-2-em-3-carboxylic acid (RS-533), are described. The MIC values of related penems and carbapenems are also given for comparison with those of the new carbapenem.
The production of quantum entanglement between weakly coupled mapping systems, whose classical counterparts are both strongly chaotic, is investigated. In the weak-coupling regime, it is shown that time-correlation functions of the unperturbed systems determine the entanglement production. In particular, we elucidate that the increment of the nonlinear(More)
It is anticipated that quantum key distribution enable us to share a secret key while guaranteeing unconditionally security. In this paper, we discuss the quantum key distribution using the Mean King Problem which was proposed by J. Bub in 2001. While this two-way quantum protocol is essentially different from the other one-way protocols like the BB84, it(More)
We investigate how the dynamical production of quantum entanglement for weakly coupled, composite quantum systems is influenced by the chaotic dynamics of the corresponding classical system, using coupled kicked tops. The linear entropy for the subsystem (a kicked top) is employed as a measure of entanglement. A perturbative formula for the entanglement(More)