Takayuki Matsukawa

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We present a projection system called Stick'n Roll in which users manipulate a set of sticks (or batons) on a series of curved display. The system relies on the use of unique movement of sticks rolling on convex surfaces. We regard the touching of sticks to the surfaces as input to the display that also functions as a multi-touch input device. We develop a(More)
The bilayer of self-aligned TiN/TiSi2 was formed by the lamp annealing in N2 or NH3, simultaneously. Thickness ratio TiN/TiSi was able to be controled by the condition of annealing temperature and/or annealing ambient (N2, NH3); by the annealing in NH3 at lower temperature, the relatively thicker TiN layer was formed. Chemical stability and the electrical(More)
A single 50V supply 1-Mb DRAM using a half V/SUB cc/ biased memory cell with a reduced electric field of 2 MV/cm and a shared sensing scheme for reasonable cell signal is described. A testability concept which allows 1/4 reduced test time, page/nibble functions including a continuous nibble mode, and an effective redundancy circuit are also described. A(More)
1 . Introduction In the single ion implantation(SII), which enables us to implant dopant ions one by one in order for suppressing fluctuation in dopant number in a fine semiconductor region, extraction of single ions by chopping a focused ion beam and detection of secondary electrons(SEs) emitted from the target upon each ion incidence are the key(More)
A noble gate/N<sup>-</sup> overlapped Tr. fabricated using oblique rotating ion implantation technique was developed. It is confirmed that this Tr. meets high performance M bit DRAMs' requirements, that is, high drain current, enough punchthrough voltage and low substrate current. The mechanism of this Tr.'s action is analyzed by simulation and is concluded(More)
Titanium silicidation of source/drain and gate of MOS devices has been developed by using rapid lamp annealing. A rapid thermal processing with halogen lamp heating is found to be quite effective to form oxide-free titanium silicide. Silicidation reaction is completed within as short as 30 sec, and results in stoichiometric titanium disilicide with 14-16(More)
An n-channel MOS process has been developed to yield reliable one megabit dynamic RAMs. Main features of the process are as follows; * Adoption of epitaxial-growth wafer * Bird's beak-reduced LOCOS isolation * Highly reliable memory cell capacitor with 10nm SiO<inf>2</inf>* Low resistivity TiSi<inf>2</inf>polycide gate electrode * Al-Si-Ti interconnection(More)
Effects of hydrogen and mechanical stress due to a plasma deposited SiN passivation layer on time-dependent dielectric breakdown were investigated, and it is found that the p-SiN layer degrades the TDDB characteristics concerned with interface state and trap generation. The native trap density remarkably increases with annealing MOS capacitors encapsulated(More)
Submicron CMOS process technologies for a high density 4M DRAM are presented emphasizing a cell area reduction to 10.9 um2 using a newly proposed FASIC cell. Two novel techniques were developed to realize the new cell structure. The oblique ion implantation technique can make a shallow impurity doping into the side wall and the local oxidation at the side(More)
Time dependent dielectric breakdown characteristics of the thin silicon dioxide films were automatically measured. These films were obtained from the high pressure low temperature oxidation of silicon. Breakdown failures were independent on the oxidation pressure but dependent on the oxidation temperature and film thickness. The electric field acceleration(More)