Takayuki Koizumi

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated that intrathecal administration of the substance P amino-terminal metabolite substance P1-7 (SP1-7) and its C-terminal amidated congener induced antihyperalgesic effects in diabetic mice. In this study, we studied a small synthetic dipeptide related to SP1-7 and endomorphin-2, i.e. Phe-Phe amide, using the(More)
In this research, a robot was operated by EMG signals using a linear multiple regression model. Myoelectric upper-limb prostheses are one example of an application that employs EMG signals as a control input. However, commercial myoelectric upper-limb prostheses can perform only grasping motions and wrist rotation. Many researches on multifunctionalization(More)
In walking analysis, which is one useful method for efficient physical rehabilitation, the ground reaction force, the center of pressure, and the body orientation data are measured during walking. In the past, these data were measured by a 3D motion analysis system consisting of high-speed cameras and force plates, which must be installed in the floor.(More)
This paper describes an output algorithm that measures forces and moment acting on a developed distributed-type tactile sensor and evaluates relative movement with the contacting object. To realize advanced manipulation, it is necessary to acquire forces and moments acting on the fingertips of the robot hand; it is also necessary to evaluate the relative(More)
An experimentally transplanted pancreatic cancer was induced by means of an intraductal injection of Vx2 carcinoma supernatant into the pancreatic duct of rabbits. The presence of ductal obstruction appeared to assist the nidation and growth of injected cancer cells in the pancreas. Tumors induced in the head of the pancreas grew by extension to the body(More)
We previously demonstrated that intrathecal treatment with substance P metabolite substance P(1-7) induced anti-hyperalgesia in diabetic mice. In the present study, we have used a synthetic analog of this peptide, the substance P(1-7) amide, showing higher binding affinity than the native heptapeptide, for studies of the tail-flick response in diabetic and(More)
This paper describes development of a distributed-type tactile sensor. This sensor arranges many sensor elements that can measure a triaxial force on the same plane. Therefore, the action force can be measured with the pressure distribution. Since the relative movement of a sensor and a contacted object can be evaluated by measuring the pressure(More)
Recently, research has concentrated on robots that can coexist with people and be of use to them. Such a robot needs to be both safe and flexible. Here, we use a pneumatic actuator as the driving source of a robot hand. We develop a pneumatic actuator driven by low pressure because we consider that the conventional pneumatic actuator is inadequate for the(More)
Recently, various prosthetic arms have been developed, but few are both attractive and functional. Considering human coexistence, prosthetic arms must be both safe and flexible. In this research, we developed a novel prosthetic arm with a five-fingered prosthetic hand using our original pneumatic actuators and a slender tendon-driven wrist using a wire(More)