Takayuki Kitasaka

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This paper presents a method for extracting lymph node regions from 3-D abdominal CT images using 3-D minimum directional difference filter. In the case of surgery of colonic cancer, resection of metastasis lesions is performed with resection of a primary lesion. Lymph nodes are main route of metastasis and are quite important for deciding resection area.(More)
Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) is a new clinical technology permitting visualization of the small bowel, the most difficult segment of the digestive tract. The major drawback of this technology is the excessive amount of time required for video diagnosis. We therefore propose a method for generating smaller videos by detecting informative frames from(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid method for tracking a bronchoscope that uses a combination of magnetic sensor tracking and image registration. The position of a magnetic sensor placed in the working channel of the bronchoscope is provided by a magnetic tracking system. Because of respiratory motion, the magnetic sensor provides only the approximate(More)
This paper presents an automated multi-organ segmentation method for 3D abdominal CT images based on a spatially-divided probabilistic atlases. Most previous abdominal organ segmentation methods are ineffective to deal with the large differences among patients in organ shape and position in local areas. In this paper, we propose an automated multi-organ(More)
We propose a selective method of measurement for computing image similarities based on characteristic structure extraction and demonstrate its application to flexible endoscope navigation, in particular to a bronchoscope navigation system. Camera motion tracking is a fundamental function required for image-guided treatment or therapy systems. In recent(More)
The automated extraction of the airway tree from 3-D chest CT data can greatly reduce the workload of physicians during diagnosis (e.g. quantification of airway morphology) and treatment (computeraided bronchoscopy) of lung disease. This paper presents a method to automatically extract the airways driven by a sharpening filter, which enhances the branch(More)
Pulmonary nodules may indicate the early stage of lung cancer, and the progress of lung cancer causes associated changes in the shape and number of pulmonary blood vessels. The automatic segmentation of pulmonary nodules and blood vessels is desirable for chest computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems. Since pulmonary nodules and blood vessels are often(More)