Takayuki Kamio

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Many anesthetics are known to decrease ventilation (V(E)) and metabolic rate (MR). Because MR is known to contribute to the V(E) level, one would expect some parallelism between the changes in V(E) and MR during anesthesia. We tested this hypothesis in normoxia and hypoxia (12% O2) on male Wistar rats (n = 10; 221-288 g) by using a short-acting intravenous(More)
A case of angiomyolipoma arising from the renal capsule is reported. A 49-year-old female was admitted to our hospital with a complaint of abdominal mass pointed out by ultrasonography during her yearly health check. The tumor was 10 cm in size. On abdominal enhanced CT, the tumor was existed behind the left kidney. The capsule of the tumor was enhanced and(More)
Primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) of the heart is very rere. We report a case of a primary intracardiac MFH. A 50-year-old woman underwent an operation for congestive heart failure due to left atrial (LA) tumor. Cardiac echocardiogram showed the tumor attached to the septal wall and posterior wall of LA. We extendedly resected the tumor with(More)
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