Takayuki Kamamoto

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To clarify the effects of androgen on hemopoiesis in mice, we investigated changes in hemopoietic stem cells at various stages of differentiation after injection of 19-nandrolone decanoate (19-ND). 19-ND induced (a) a marked increase in the population of CFUe, especially in the spleen, and (b) a less significant increase in the number of CFUs, GM-CFC, and(More)
In an attempt to predict the clinical response to androgens, the effects of added fluoxymesterone (FMT) on the in vitro growth of marrow erythroid progenitors (CFU-E) were examined in 15 patients with aplastic anemia and 6 control subjects with normal marrow morphology. In the control group, the addition of FMT enhanced the growth of CFU-E in vitro, the(More)
A novel Philadelphia (Ph1) chromosome positive cell line, designated KYO-1, was established from the peripheral blood of a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in blastic crisis. Although this line had a unique capacity to differentiate spontaneously along the erythroid and monocytoid lineages as evidenced by cytochemical analysis for the first(More)
In vivo effect of an immunostimulant, OK-432, on hematopoietic spleen colonies (CFU-S) was investigated in irradiated JCL/ICR mice. Administration of OK-432 i.p. at various times before and/or after irradiation resulted in a significant increase in endogenous CFU-S. This increase was further characterized microscopically by an increase in the number of(More)
Two new Philadelphia (Ph1) chromosome-positive cell lines, designated KPB-M8 and KPB-M15, were established from the peripheral blood of two patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia in blastic crisis. Both cell lines were characterized by blastic appearance, the presence of acid phosphatase activity, Fc gamma-receptor, and C3-receptor, and reactivity to(More)
Granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells (CFUc) in the bone marrow cells from mice before, and 12 hours to 7 days after intraperitoneal administration of vinblastine (VLB; 4 mg/kg) were serially investigated until day 14 of culture. The number of CFUc rose to peak levels on days 7 and 4 of culture in the whole bone marrow cells obtained before and two to(More)
We performed hemopoietic colony culture assays in 15 patients with aplastic anemia (AA) in order to test the effect of hydrocortisone (HC) on late erythroid colony (CFU-e) formation of the patients' marrow and to correlate the in vitro culture results with the clinical response to corticosteroid therapy. HC enhanced CFU-e growth in four patients. All four(More)